Tuesday, November 23, 2010

REVIEW: Harry Potter 7 DH Pt. 1


Much alike many movie-goers, i ventured out to my local movie theater to watch the newest overly hyped Harry potter film over the weekend. Let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of the series, I have enjoyed everything to do with it. I am aware of the fans who decide to dress up, that is completely understandable. Heck I even sported a Gryffindor scarf. However with many things, there is a certain line i will tolerate, and the movie going experience I had was definitely NOT ok. No I will not comment on how it was boring as fuck, or how unnecessarily long it was, or even how it wasn't in 3D.
I mean WTF guys, That shit was a bummer

But when I was in line, a mystical fellow decked out in dumbledore clothing creeped up behind me, all this I had gathered from his hot, stale breath on the back of my neck. As I slowly turned around I felt relief for a split second, until i saw them...

Following close behind was legions and legions of short people, all dressed in their favorite characters, cloaks and assortments. Now I have nothing against short people, but what really got my goat was what followed out of Dumbledores mouth "Excuse me sir can we have your place in line, we are more dedicated fans"

Being with friends i shook off the need to oblige, and politely told him no, to which his response was forcefully pushing his way through our group, along with his short people legion. Now this probably hasn't happened to many, but without a doubt it is a guaranteed way to piss you off. What followed was the scuffle the likes of our theater had never seen, ending with the ejection of Wise Dumbledore and his troop of undersized wizards.

Now maybe I didn't love the movie because I had all of this hatred running through my mind during the viewing, but to conclude this rant about a ruined experience, I would like to state that sometimes fandom can be WAY TOO MUCH AND RUIN A MOVIE AND CAUSE AN ANNOYED VIEWER TO STATE THAT HE HAS HAD IT UP TO HERE WITH PUSHFULL SHORT PEOPLE.