Friday, January 27, 2012

Frustation : Writers Block Sets In

The inability to write is almost like the inability to get an erection. You remember fond memories of when it came easy to you and when it happened unexpectedly and effortlessly. There is nothing worse then sitting there with a limp dick in your cold, clammy hands. No matter how hard you tug and pull at it, it just will not happen...

Oops I am supposed to be talking about "writers block" not Erectile Dysfunction, but at least they have developed pills for that shit. So on the bright side when you are looking down at a blank page, scratching the very corners of your empty brain for one fucking word to write down, at least your dick is as hard as a rock.

The thing about writing is that it can't be achieved by taking a supplement or injecting various ailments into your ass, because first off you may not even know what you want/need to write down. Sure you can scale up a couple outlines of what you want to accomplish but in order to fill the blank space on the screen there must be something there. You can even toss in a couple "filler" words to increase your word count, a futile gesture to stroke your hurt ego and increase the size of your "microsoft character count boner"(I will copyright this soon enough so don't rip me off). I mean you may have written some wonderful things in the past but why goddammit can't you just pull one more proverbial bag of word-shit tricks outta your ass.

I guess that is something that I love about writing, that good writers will not let some forced, contrived struggled shit-agraphs* be called as their own, because they know better of themselves. So I guess sometimes we just need to let the words/boners come to us, because it feels better then the flaccid shit-agraphs/penis we tightly grip.

 If you actually did read through this I am whole-heartedly thankful, felt good to get this out...

* (Only way to describe the meaningless and passion-devoid paragraphs some people shit out of their brains sometimes).