Monday, November 28, 2011

Tower Heist: An In-Depth Movie Review....

This recent weekend I finally decided to leave the house and watch a movie in theaters. As soon as I arrived at the movies I was begrudgingly forced to pick between three terrible choices, the lingering idea of driving back home seemed like a very good idea at the time. I decided that I had came this far to see a movie I am not leaving without sitting through one. My final choice was to watch the Action-Adventure Comedy with an ensemble cast of male actors.

This movie had a very strong cast of actors but not one single star captured the show. I will be rating performances of the cast on a Letter grade scale of (F- to A+),  the talent included...
Ben Stiller (  B+ )

I am giving Ben this rating I was pleasantly surprised with his performance. I feel like he gets ragged on too much with doing stupid movies but he really did a good job in this movie and was very entertaining. I was sort of rooting for this character the whole time and I was pleased with the film's outcome. That is why Ben Stiller receives a (B+).

Matthew Broderick ( B )
Awesome to see him back on the horse again, but it is a very eerie feeling seeing him looking this old. Defintely was crept out by seeing him act like such a pussy in this movie when he was so bad-ass in Ferris Bueller. Like seriously he was a fucking pussy. His character was a broke wall street guy who was squatting in this expensive apartment building. So in other words not really the ideal heist man like goddamn this motherfuck looks sad and lonely.
He actually plays a pussy pretty well though so he gets a ( B ).

Eddie Murphy (B-)
In this movie Eddie plays the most blackest, thuggest, deceiving motherfucker. He is a typical quick talking thug who always seems to be getting himself into trouble. He doesnt know much about nothing and doesnt really ever help out in the actual heist, and he plays kind of an asshole and maybe even not a likeable one. On the positive side this is much better then what Eddie has been doing before this and it was a step back into the right direction. Looking forward to seeing more like this ( B- ).

  Casey Affleck (C)

Big surpise here in this movie for some fucking reason Casey plays an even bigger asshole then Eddie Murphy. He is the concierge in the apartment building and a shitty one at that. Whenever his character came on the screen I got pissed off and hated how his character developed throughout the movie and then the cliche return at the last moment. Fuck you Casey Affleck you get a (C)

These are the only cast reviews I am going to do but otherwise I was pleased with the actors.

Actual Movie Review
was actually a decent movie with some good twist and turns that kept you going. Didn't really feel like a comedy at sometimes because there weren't that many actual jokes, but admittedly it was entertaining none-the-less. For that reason entirely is how I based my review.

6.8/10 - Decent flick, wouldn't want to spend money on it again  

There you fuckers go, sorry for the long wait...