Sunday, April 1, 2012

DVD Review: The Sitter [2011]... STARRING: Fat Jonah Hill

DVD: The Sitter [2011]
                      STARRING: Fat Jonah Hill                     

Creative Lighting techniques hide chins
So the movie begins with a certain act of cunnilingus (fancy way of saying carpet munching), and then a cut to our buddy Jonah wiping his face like he just ate a whole bucket of goddamn chicken
Good lord.
The basic premise of this movie is of a young adult still living with his mom, and he is tasked to babysit three children. Now with this review I don't mean to take shots at Jonah Hill as an actor; because as you will soon find out, he was the only thing right about this movie. The things that went WRONG was the casting of the children, or maybe the lines they were given. Either way three characters who were supposed to be the foundation of this movie, FUCKING SUCKED. They were loud, annoying and terribly unfunny. Every step along the way i wanted to judo chop the fucking idiot kids he had to babysit. I thought this movie was gonna take a dark turn and Jonah's character would just blow his brains out during the second half of the movie.
All credit to Jonah as a person though, it makes my skin crawl when I look at before and after pictures of him.
If you aren't following along Jonah Hill used to be a massive morph of a man and played that comedic role well. However a good comedian knows it is not good for your career to get type-casted as the fat funny guy.
So Jonah decided to change that...
From Fat Man Comic...
To Skinny as FUCK

It might of been a good idea for Jonah to lose all that weight, on the off chance he can expel the fat past and annoying fucking child actors that sunk this movie.

The Sitter: 5.5/10
Jonah Hill: 8/10 


  1. haha i liked it! saw it last week & jonah hill is always a crack up

  2. jonah hill is the shit. love the guy

  3. Going to rent this. Going from fat, to skinny and now back to gaining weight, cant be good for you.

  4. Fat Jonah Hill will always be my favorite Jonah Hill.

  5. "Fat Jonah Hill will always be my favorite Jonah Hill."

    So true! Fat Jonah Hill is something to behold

  6. Regardless of wheter you prefer him fat or skinny, I gotta agree with what Vance said. Messing with your weight is NEVER good for you.

  7. Haha, I sure as hell didn't see that one coming!

    Read some of your posts and you seem to be a good blogger, followed ^^

  8. Can't say I've seen either films, however after reading this blog, I think I'll try out Jonah Hill.