Monday, July 25, 2011

Horrible Bosses Review - Also...Pot Brownies

July has been a very busy month and I have been wading through bullshit knee-high. I have however managed to squeeze some nights out, most which have been as shitty as sitting at a desk all day. However, I come to you now with the detailing of a very special night out.

DISCLAIMER: I watched the following movie, Horrible Bosses, under the influence of some good ol' fashioned "Space Cakes" (also known as weed brownies, the person who helped me made them INSISTED on calling them that, whatever tickles your pickle I guess)

"Bang on impression"
The Lead-Up 
I need to let it be known that my choice to see "Horrible Bosses" was a spur of the moment choice. After ingesting said brownies, a certain yearning came over me. I had needed to GET THE FUCK OUT from where I was, because I had began to, as the kids call it, wig out. I convinced my pals in order to calm down I needed to leave ASAP, so we hopped on the first bus that came down the street, a decision that will never turn out as well as it did this time, so don't fucking try it. As it turns out the buses final stop was the local movie theater, a fate so fittingly for a man as high as myself. So we stumble up the stairs, eyes as red as the devil's dick, giggling like a gang of hyena's. We slapped all the money we had and just asked "for a funny movie". I mean if I were ever to serve myself, I would fucking hate me. After spending an atrocious amount of money on food, we managed to find decent seats in a packed theater.I began to settle in, I placed my drink to my right (PS. I never knew proper etiquette on this, WHAT FUCKING SIDE DO I PUT IT ON?), shuffled my popcorn and candy onto my lap and I was ready to go.

The Viewing
The moment the opening credits rolled, I was locked in. I watched this movie like a man possessed, constantly analyzing and pondering every frivolous detail. Due to my extreme highness, the first laugh came at the familiar face of Jason Bateman, which then left a bitter taste in my mouth. (Over Arrested Development, i'm still pissed). In retrospect, the casting of this movie was phenomenal. I was mainly impressed by the inclusion of Charlie Day, or "Charlie" from "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia".
(The Hornet smoking man in the video)

Other notables include Jamie Foxx as "Mothafucka Jones", Jennifer Anniston as a nympho dentist, Colin Farrell as a balding cokehead and Kevin Spacey as your typical asshole boss. The basic plot is three buddies scheming to kill their bosses, a fantasy most can relate too. Now I am not here to re-write the whole fuckin movie so I'll get down to brass tax. During my first viewing of Horrible Bosses I was literally on the floor with laughter, and saw it as a revolution in film making. I wiped tears of laughter away from my eyes as I clutched my chest for release, hoping I would be able to breath in between these fits of laughter After viewing it a second time, this time much more sober I still enjoyed this movie but it was a hollow feeling, knowing it will never live up to my high expectations.

Therefore, I have decided to give Horrible bosses two separate ratings...

Horrible Bosses (HIGH) : 9.5/10
Horrible Bosses (SOBER) : 7.25/10

Overall, a decent flick. A enjoyable black comedy that is bound to create some laughs. I recommend you go out and see it yourselves if you are into that kinda thing, because after all I am just an asshole in front of a keyboard, so take my ratings with a grain of salt.

BTW. Thanks for all the support and all my followers, stay tuned and I will try and write MUCH more often...


  1. Hahahaha man I genuinely enjoyed reading this post! Last night I watched "Unknown" after eating a weed nutella graham cracker cookie and MANNNN it was sooo intense. My heart was going fast as fuck from the chase scenes lol! The movie was great though. Everything really is more enjoyable!

    Thanks for the post. I have already rewarded your hard work (from one stoner to another). ;) Hopefully you will return the favor of kindne$$ =)

  2. I was gonna go to school, but then I got high...

  3. I've really got to see this movie it looked super funny and I dig it's always sunny in philly, good review.

  4. I saw it sober and would still give it a 9/10 for sheer hilarity.

  5. You're a man after my own heart. I saw "Horrible Bosses" (which I loved), "Pot brownies" (always a treat) and you mentioned Charlie Day, who I think needs to be more popular. Always Sunny in Philly is hilarious, and I really liked his part in this movie. +1 follower, keep up the good work!

  6. Great review!It sound like a good movie from what I hear, maybe I'll get a chance to watch it soon. Followed you, maybe if you get some time you can check mine out as well.

  7. Most things are better on weed. Milk steak is edible on weed.

  8. Hahaha this is fucking great. Charlie Day+space cakes made my day

  9. After i watched this movie i was mind blown. Then i got high. :O

  10. It looks pretty funny, thanks for the review.

  11. Awesome movie, its true though who hasn't wanted to run their boss down in the parking lot or "accidentally" drop a kettle of boiling water on their boss !

    P.S i also do movie reviews on my blog (moviemanreviewsmovies)

  12. Great review! Exactly my style haha. I was supposed to go and see it today though I got called into work -_-. Thanks again for the review for I was rather skeptical about the movies hilarity.

  13. I friggin' love this show, drugs are a bad bad thing everyone should know this!
    Also, funny stuff you wrote there...BUT
    Write more more more mooooore can't get enough of your nonsense xD

  14. I wish more movie reviews took a narrative approach. I still haven't seen this movie, but I do love me some Charlie Day. Jason Bateman too. +follow'd

  15. being high makes almost any movie amazing including this one:)

  16. I never did get around to seeing this movie... Considering renting it when it comes out on DVD...

  17. Charlie Day and Kevin Spacey pretty much did it for me because of this spectacular movie. The movie was fucking hilarious, and I don't consume hallucinogenic agents, jabroni.

    Also, Jennifer Anniston kas a bit a plus, like kind of.

    Good read.

  18. was a good read, pretty funny. definitely funnier the first time you watch it! the sort of humour reminded me of the hangover, this happen with anyone else? Also an amazing quote from this film: 'I'm going to bend her over a barrell and show her the 50 states' haha!